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2,215 Miles Away from Venezuela– (Boston to Caracas)

In early February of 2014 massive protests broke out in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela. Why did they start? Where did this angst come from? And how long would they last? Tension kept growing and three months later the unrest in Venezuela is still an ongoing situation. The violence in the Latin American country has not settled and attention is just not a priority for mainstream media. Articles have surfaced, photographers have visited and few organizations have paid close attention to the country’s distress. For a very informative and in-depth coverage on the crisis in Venezuela I urge you to watch the ABC and Univision joint-venture- Fusion‘s #SOSVenezuela documentary by Mariana Atencio. (http://fusion.net/Culture/video/sosvenezuela-fusions-mariana-atencio-takes-us-inside-situation-540484) The documentary does a great job breaking down the specifics of what’s on-going in the country.

As for me, I was heavy hearted reading and hearing the news about Venezuela. I was born in Miami, FL from Cuban parents who left their country to escape communism. This perspective gives me a level of understanding of what horror can unfold in your homeland right before your eyes. Additionally, I grew up living amongst many Venezuelans and have so many friends from the region. Studying in Boston it never occurred to me how large the Venezuelan population is here either. When protests began in the South American country they had an immediate ripple affect here in Boston. Many young Bostonians (primarily Venezuelans studying in this rich academic city) began social media campaigns to foster support for their beloved country. These grassroots efforts were contagious and caused lots of acton in Boston.

My video follows the Bostonian perspective of immigrants, students, families and professors on their plight to a peaceful Venezuela.


And without further ado, here’s my story:


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The Power of Freedom

I am currently working on a long form video project for one of my final broadcast journalism courses at  BU. And it’s becoming more than just a class assignment. I am so driven to do every little bit that I can to help bring this story into American perspective and emphasize the huge issue at hand. If violence and protests that result in deaths and unjust imprisonments are not enough to garner attention, understanding the Latin American country of Venezuela and its neighbors which lie so closely to the U.S. should help to see the flashing SOS signals in this country.

Below please read a passionate post by classmate Dany Vazquez and her cry for freedom:

The Meaning of Freedom.

Throughout the next month I’ll be posting links, photos and videos from journalists, experts and people being affected by the tragedy in Venezuela as well as my own work.

Hundreds protested against the violence in Venezuela on February 22 at Copley Square in Boston, MA. This is a still from one of my many video clips from that afternoon.

Hundreds protested against the violence in Venezuela on February 22 at Copley Square in Boston, MA./ MELISSA ADAN


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