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Love your Rommates? I do.

Usually nobody gets along, and if you do they end up moving out. No one really talks, and if you do it may be too much. No one appreciates each other’s cultures, and it’s usually their way or no way. And almost always: everyone judges their roommates before even meeting them. Judgements begin from the moment the names under your roommate or suitemates list are read. Well, it’s almost two weeks into it and what can I say. My suitemates and I get along, talk just about right, really think each other’s cultures are very cool and we have been figuring things out together. 

I was assigned to live with freshman and I’ll be honest, I thought I’d hate it. I had the idea grow on me and still, I didn’t like it. Well, was I wrong. I absolutely adore my roommates. They are all so different and so wonderful. And one of them- an international student from China- happens to be my age. So, yeah this arrangement is actually very ideal.

Interesting roommate fact #1: Between my roommates and I we represent five different countries (China, Cuba, Lebanon, Vietnam, plus the USA), speak six different languages (Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, French [three of us are currently learning it], and English!), and we all share a common goal: to graduate with a bachelor’s at Boston University.

It is quite the fortune that I instantly connect with my rommies or as I like to call them “my freshman.” And I don’t have to worry about them growing on me. I am actually learning a lot more in my dorm room than I expected. For instance, today we all ate Chinese food take-out. And no, this isn’t your typical Chinese American take-out, we had rice with eggs, tomato and eggs (super delish), fried chicken, and these funky little dumplings. After our great meal we all ran for Coldstone… ice cream seems to be pretty universal.

Anyways, you’ll be reading about my roommates a lot. I’ll hopefully get a picture with them all soon. For now here’s a language lesson:

Learn to Say Hello in 5 languages:

ARAB: مرحبا (Mar-ha-baah)

CHINESE: 你好 (Nee-how)


FRENCH: Bonjour 

SPANISH: ¡Hola! 

What should I learn next in three languages!? And teach in Spanish haha!


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