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I let myself fall in love with Boston

Finally- all 200 photos from graduation are posted online, my bags are all unpacked and I’ve begun changing the profiles on my social media. I am no longer a student at Boston University. Truth be told, I began posting on this blog and transformed it to “Mel Takes Boston” two summers ago to basically give myself the courage I needed to pick myself up from where I was and launch myself forward. I was so scared. I cried almost every other night that summer of 2012 when I decided to transfer into BU. I questioned my decision daily and I feared so much. The people closest to me were concerned about my lavish decision, and that really didn’t help make it any easier. Yet, deep down something in me knew I had to pursue this acceptance and take on Boston University’s College of Communication. You see, my heart was begging for an escape and I never thought that it could fully mend, but not until the last month of my two year journey did it heal. I fell in love. Almost altogether I fell in love with the apartment I lived in and its magical view, the best friends I had at my side almost daily, the fine education I excelled at, the dream that turned itself into a reality with the promise of my first real TV reporting gig and my current leading man. If that wasn’t enough- I fell in love with the kind city that turned out to be not so scary and intimidating after all, I fell for the people and their support, I fell in love with a city in wake of its most painful tragedy. My heart felt so much in the past two years that in the last coming month the most incredible thing occurred. I felt my heart outpour with love.

For all you skeptics- I’ve been trying to shake off my recent love daze, and so I waited before I would write this final post. Yet, somehow I cannot shake this overwhelming feeling off. And it’s so great that I am filled with joy and able to share it. I tend to be an idealist, yet I was raised by a family of realists. I try often to remind myself that it’s impossible for this happiness to continue and that at some point it will end. You see, that’s where the realist side of me is mistaken. People who are realistic are not emotionless. For awhile I was saddened by my upcoming graduation that it was painful to be around me. In my mind I considered the day after I graduated and left Boston that this whole reality would come to an end and I could never get it back. But, after some good counseling with my best friend and lots of prayers and well wishes. I realized that no Melissa, no one is dying after all. BU will continue to exist and the city of Boston will always flourish tulips in the spring. I could stay talking to my friends day after day. I could keep on loving. I can now use my useful education and skills to my advantage. And all that love can be channeled and spread to others. No one has to say a painful goodbye.

The incredible studio apartment I lived in during my last year at BU. I was a Resident Assitant at the beloved Stuvi2 on-campus housing.

The incredible studio apartment I lived in during my last year at BU. I was a Resident Assistant at the beloved Stuvi2 on-campus housing.

And as I try not to make this post a diary entry, I own up to the fact that this whole blog began as just that. It was a way where I could write out my feelings in a presentable fashion and be able to own what I felt. I owned the hard times. I owned the successes and owned the journey. In retrospect this blog was created to solely benefit me, and the fact that today I get hundreds of views on my posts is first of all nice– I deeply appreciate my audience– but more importantly it has shown me that THIS is what I want to do. I want to be able to produce work that inspires others and in turn causes them to act and inspire those around them. I graduated high school in 2010 from John A. Ferguson Senior High after three years as the morning announcements anchor. When I graduated I wanted to be a journalist so I could create positive change in the world. Four years later after two hardworking years at Miami Dade College and two final years at Boston University, I am graduating with the same pursuit. I want to be a journalist because I truly believe that I have the capacity to do good for the world. And there’s really no denying that.

As I move onto my next journey in West Texas. I will be joining the CBS affiliate in Lubbock, TX as a general assignment reporter for their evening newscasts. I am thrilled and ready to take Texas.

Stay tuned, my friends. #MelTakesTexas



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First Five Days.

Five days here in my new city and it’s non-stop. So much to see and do. And classes finally begin tomorrow. Here are a few pictures of my journey so far.



I live in South Campus. It’s a beautiful, old brownstone and I’m on the second floor. I really enjoy it.


That’s our fire escape but my roommates and I like to say it’s our “balcony” haha.



The Massachusetts turnpike. I got quite the shot when we were crossing over during sunset. My parents and I spent the second day shopping for my new place.


We went to soooo many stores. Yet I decided to already begin what I like to call my “Boston swag”. For a Miami girl I think I’m on my way..


ImageTah-dah! My travel themed room. That’s my centerpiece and inspiration. I hope to have a travel themed home one day.


After lots of work and major decorating I think I brought some life to these beautiful antique cabinets my room came with. Pretty neat. I am still working on filling them up with picture frames and things I find here at Boston.


ImageMeet my transfer friends. Emma from Massachusetts, Stephanie from North Carolina, Gina from Long Island, Hilary from LA, meee, and Kelsey from Rhode Island. We have all transferred in from schools all over the country and are adjusting to BU life.

ImageKelsey and I had a toast to BU at our Transfer Reception held at STuVi. [Btw, it’s lemonade ;)]


Our first night out, we had pancakes and far too many laughs. Good company.

DAY 5 (that’s today!)


“The Girls” decided to spend our Labor day out shopping around town. I insisted we hit the thrift stores. Hilary took us out to Cambridge and led us to a Goodwill. On our way we stopped by a farmer’s market..

ImageAt the market I couldn’t resist to buy flowers… thanks Jackie! The idea was so nice that later at Goodwill I got a small mason jar to accompany my red and white flowers. I also found a cool jar I’m using as a book end now in my glass cabinet.

ImageAren’t they beautiful? They’re keeping my room sweet.

Well, I got to get going now I have my first day of classes tomorrow! I miss my friends a lot. Even my new friends here tell me how lucky I am to have such good friends (they’ve seen the pictures I have up and have heard some stories) I can’t even begin to describe how blessed I am.


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Proud Terrier


I come home today from work and find this postcard from my new school. The picture my group decided to take is so ugly I love it. I mean look at the guy standing behind the screen.. I told him it would be hysterical if he did that because it was such a GOOD idea… he probably hates me right now. We were all attempting to be creative and not pose traditionally.. after all we are COM students. At least it’s funny. You can sorta spot me, I’m smiling behind the BU sign 😉

The postcard is sweet from my awesome student leader at orientation. It was funny my new friend and I spent the whole time asking him for permission throughout orientation and it turns out we’re older than him (since it was all transfers) LOL… Kellan you rock! See ya soon!

Go Terriers! 2014

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Be yoU

Lately it’s almost as if I have caffeine running through my system 24-7. And I’ve only drank coffee like twice this week… Talk about nerves!
I am super excited to move forward but, I know I am going to need all the support, care and love from my beautiful hometown so please follow my blog- write to me, comment, like! I want to keep in touch and share my experience.
For now I can say this isn’t easy for having lived all my life in Miami it’s a big step forward to get out of my everyday life and know that you’re ready for the next challenge. I hope to come back to Miami with good news, that’s the plan.
So, as I am seeking support I hope to share inspiration. Because if one thing is for sure- if I am moving out and embracing a new challenge, so can you.

Here’s a little inspiration I came across today:



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Meet My New City


This is Boston. My new home for the next 2 years, wish me luck. This journey is going to be quite the change…

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NYC lights..

New York City– one of the brightest cities in the world, surely makes you see things in a better light…

My revelation in NYC was internally expected but, externally surprising. I most definitely have learned a few things of myself that I believe I always knew however never owned up to. As an extremely influential and successful women once told me:

“It’s easier to choose the popular decision than be the only one making the unpopular decision.”

And more often than not, the unpopular decision is the one that is ought to be made.

With that mindset making your own decisions become easier and it suddenly becomes more about your decision than their decision and if they don’t agree, it doesn’t matter because it’s your decision. Pretty cliche but, as everything.. until you’ve experienced it do you understand it.

After NYC I can proudly state that I march to the beat of my own drum. I really do and most times it’s unpopular what I choose to do but, oh so worth it. Whether right or wrong, for the greater good or my own selfishness. The point is taking liberty in your actions and self to acknowledge that you deserve to do what you should do.

I assure you if you have a smile while you make your decision and just one person around you, I believe you have made the right decision.

How suiting this revelation, I soon enough will be making one of the biggest decisions in my life- moving out! I hope this sense of independence doesn’t wear off because I know this really encompasses who I am.

Thank you New York City, there’s nothing like rushing to hail a cab (in the rain) to return to what makes you smile

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Culture Abroad

Salzburg, Austria about six hours time difference from my hometown, nearly 5,000 miles away from my city, I am so far away, but I feel so close. Traveling with a large group has made me realize how one can either stay stuck in the culture they are coming from or how one can use this to their advantage and offer your own culture in order to embrace another’s. On this trip I have brought my “travel self” (the best way to get lost in a new city) I am carefree, observant, loving and most of all: happy. By being this way I have strongly picked up on the behavior of the Austrian and Germans I have met along the way and I also have not lost sight of my own group and taken notice of this Miami culture we bring with so much sabor. Through these past five days I have lived vivaciously off of other’s cultures, I have enjoyed their ways, listened to their language and devoured their food. I have begun to notice the driving force of what makes one’s culture- their actions. The act in which things are done, the act in which they are said and presented, the action is what defines a culture. And after spending time with 50 some Miamians, I am positive that we can not hide the Miami in us but what we can surely do is bring the Miami to them, and with an open embrace and exchange in each other’s actions, I finally feel as if I have reached peace here in Salzburg.

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