Check-Up From Texas

Hi y’all, I giggle because I do say “y’all” and have an iphone case of Texas… I realize as my year approaches since moving to the Lone Star state- how much has changed. Good change too, possibly the best change in my life. It was one experience when I left home and held my breath for the experience of going to BU and living in Boston. After that I realized I could live anywhere and do anything. I really felt that powerful, and after taking the next plunge to pursue what I have always wanted to do and done so successfully, I am thankful and gracious for this year. It’s been hard emotionally, physically, mentally– at work, my personal life– just every aspect of my life has been put to the test here. Who would’ve thought in sweet ‘ol Lubbock, haha. I said it the other day to my good friend here I feel like I got a face lift on my life. Clear visions, good foundation, strong sense of self and I highly value what’s so important to me. As the month of May kicks-in it brings a LOT of new changes, but mainly to all those around me. I am finally getting a hold of my biggest change and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I feel closer to my goals, my intuition and above all my faith.

So, this is my way to share that no matter how hard a challenge, a decision, or situation- it’s up to you to weather your battle. And know that you will prevail.

I’m fortunate that my current community has opened their arms and embraced me. I’ve definitely made it a point that I am here to work, meet others, share compelling stories and hopefully make some positive impact.

I will always encourage having a strong sense of self. Listening to what you want, asking for what you need, working toward what you can achieve.

Love ya, Lubbs’

P.S. Don’t worry– I still love the Miami Heat and was SO relieved when the Spurs lost…



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