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Welcoming the New Year From The Clouds

Up aboveWhen I really began using this blog I turned to it for support. I shared my move to Boston not so much to showcase my experiences, but to ask for help. This blog encouraged and motivated me to thrive in the decision I made nearly four years ago. Today as I spend my last few hours of 2014 in an airport, I can’t help but point out how poignant it is that I am sitting in an airport terminal waiting for my late night flight on the eve of the New Year. I have spent most of my life traveling and visiting new places, most recently I have moved more in my lifetime within four years. These experiences have forever changed me and the landscape of my life. As 2015 approaches all of us I ask for 15 things. I set 15 goals for me to accomplish in 2015. I hope those around me will find the courage and determination to accomplish the dreams and goals setĀ for this year. As for me one of my goals is to revive this blog, and with the support of my friends, family and readers, I hope you will all give me the confidence and strength I am searching for in 2015. God speed New Year, a new year is a time for new opportunities…


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December 31, 2014 · 10:04 pm