Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Adan

For those of you who don’t know my mom: Mrs. Adan, is a well-known and beloved high school math teacher. Impressive, right? High school math. Yeah, tell me about. I personally do not know anyone who could teach rowdy sixteen through eighteen year olds better than her. I’ve had the pleasure of growing up with a teacher. One who does a lot of nurturing not just within our home but, throughout her daily life.

Mrs. Adan, well respected math teacher and more importantly- my mom.

Mrs. Adan, well respected math teacher and more importantly- my mom.

I remember in the third grade playing pretend doctor with my mom’s first class of 7th grade math students. I had just gotten back from my father’s Take Your Child to Work Day and I had a nice plastic stethoscope and a funny pen syringe. Her students treated me like their little sister, I loved it. The attention was always so warming. Later, would I grow up to realize the impact my mother had on so many young people’s lives. Years and years would pass by and as my sister and I got older so did the grades my mother taught. I always joked that her students aged alongside my sister and I. I believe it made such a difference in her teaching. Every time she finished an academic year I felt as if I had inherited more brothers and sisters. Every year that went on her classes not only successfully taught you how to factor and figure out store discount prices in your head, but she taught these teenagers how to also respect others, how to behave and my favorite- how to believe in yourself.

Me, my mom and older sister Lilly

Me, my mom and older sister Lilly

Growing up with Mrs. Adan was a privilege, this is a woman who has devoted her last plus 20 years of life to my older sister and I. I have a mother who encouraged studying over parties, jobs over boyfriends and her personal favorite diplomas over grandchildren. My mom with the help of our father instilled in my sister and I that we had great potential to choose a career path we wanted and pursue it whole heartedly. I’m not sure how they both deduced that we would come so far. In a month I will have graduated with my bachelor’s degree from a fantastic university and begin my first job as a television reporter and my sister, a c/0 2012 UF grad will move on to tackling Veterinary school.  And how did we get here? Support, love and endless devotion has facilitated this. But the heart of it has always been education. It has always been about nurturing a strong mind, with strong values and principles.


My Mom

Today I shine light on the mother Mrs. Adan has been not only to me and my sister, but to all those who’ve had the distinct pleasure of having her as a teacher, colleague, relative or friend. So many people I know whether you are 16 or 52, look up to her and respect her and it is without a doubt due to the grandiose woman she is.

As you celebrate today with your mother (no matter how far apart). Remember, why your mother is so special to you and so many others. And then bask on the joy that she is yours. Happy Mother’s Day to the superwoman known as Mrs. Adan.


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