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Accept. If more people accepted themselves and owned up to their inner self, less people would be so afraid to do what they truly are destined to do and be.

This past week I spent it at home and as always it’s wonderful to be with family and friends, but it’s also so sad to notice when they are struggling or hurting deep inside. When it’s your really close family members/ friends and you know how they are when they are well it’s difficult to see them when they aren’t at their highest. People are always going through something. We are always fighting some battle. There is always an obstacle in front of us, a challenge to take on. And it takes a lot on the inside to overcome those battles and not stay uplifted on the inside. What I’m really stressing is that the best solution you can take is to accept yourself. Accept those underlying feelings, those far out thoughts. Accept that intuition of yours, that determination and remind yourself that it will be worth it. Because if you are concerned that no one will agree with you, believe in you, trust in you or still care about you– know that when  you are the most honest version of yourself you are most open and agreeable to others.

There’s this undeniable tension I felt that I wish so many people I care for weren’t facing and it’s a constant struggle that all walks of people face. If you want to admit that you like him– do it! I think he’s a great person so, don’t be afraid how others will judge you. If you want to move out– send out those applications and when those acceptances come your way, because believe me they will– take the offer! If you feel compelled to move out, you must really listen to that part of you and fulfill your desires. If you want to be happier– take care of yourself first. By taking care of your health and appearance it will inadvertently effect the way others treat you and by way create more happiness in your life. If you want to dance on stage at the club– just ask, because I’m so glad I did.

I was told by a good friend this week that they choose to live their life accepting everything that comes their way. I am convinced in order to do so, you must accept yourself first. And I think that’s exactly how in a sense they saved them self. To all my friends and family drowning in their minds know that I will still believe in you and will accept you.


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