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23 Things to do before— There is no such list


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That’s all. There is no such list. Life has no list. Have kids, get married, graduate from multiple universities or eat Nutella. Life shouldn’t be judged and can’t be, because there is no specific path to success or happiness. And one common goal people have is to live a happy life. Whether society deems you foolish for having children at a young age or ridiculous for incurring debt to attend a prestigious university– if you are happy, then you are successfully adhering to your own list and THAT is the important list you should follow.

I’ve read the several posts on what 20 somethings are telling each other what we should be aiming for. And I like their messages, it works. Works for them and any others who can relate with the message and see their passion and beliefs. But coming from a gal who is far from being engaged and can’t bake a cake, who is to say getting engaged before 23 is a bad thing? It sounds like much more courage than cutting your hair. And really? Crawl from under a rock if I can’t bake a cake? I’m 21 and have never baked a cake and will probably make it to 23 without having baked a cake, but no worries I am a proud woman. Note: I also appreciate the blogs that are writing moderately on these sides. But I don’t believe it’s about being single or married or in love or anti it that make up these posts. It’s only about you and your own so-called “list.”

Because the way I see things:

Young mothers, they are beautiful they are working hard each and every day to provide for their children and they teach me that I too want to be a considerate and loving mother no matter what the age.

People getting degrees left and right, they make me want to continue striving for degrees and higher education achievements. Their knowledge impresses me, it shouldn’t intimidate.

My friends with jobs working until disturbing hours and accomplishing great feats, they really make me yearn to hustle as hard as they do.

20 somethings getting married and in love, guess what, they don’t make me cringe and be bitter, they remind this single girl that love is real. And that makes me happy.

For those traveling during their young years, I love seeing how you appreciate the world and are taking in places through their culture- not just their tourist highlight spots.

To the ones who continue in their faith despite what society says is popular- I believe in you. Your strong faith is an example to SO many young people to not give up. I strive to find strong faith.

These examples are endless, because people are a little bit of everything. They work, party, fall in and out of love, believe, study and try. People try. And that is the general message floating around the internet- people (YOUNG people) are trying to live their life their own way. Not in some way we are supposed to. And THAT is what makes this generation of millennials so incredible.



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Hoping your New Year’s Resolution has meaning

Happy New Year. I hope everyone rang in 2014 as pleasantly as possible. I saw some pretty cool pictures on social media over the past few days of different New Year’s traditions on how to celebrate the ending of one year to the next. From luggages to bonfires and grapes, I’d like to share my little tradition. For the past five years my best friend Danielle and I have written down an endless list of goals and wishes for the year, shoved them into a lime green Spacemaker pencil box, sealed the box tight with tape and thrown them to the back of her closet to wait until the following year to open. What started as a cool thing to do over a January meal has become our little tradition. What’s special about this is reading what your wrote down for yourself a year later and evaluating whether it came true, failed, was a silly wish or somehow it’s almost like you subconsciously¬†predicted a year before what would happen to you. This year, Dani and I met at GreenStreet for breakfast. We looked back at 2013’s earlier goals and noticed that we both asked for a lot and wished for so much. We both shared to one another how the first half of our 2013 was rough, yet the year had a magical way of skyrocketing halfway through and providing us with an amazing ending. As we wrote our goals & wishes for 2014 we limited our list to 25 and within this we both included goals for ourselves, sisters, family and friends. From getting hired as a TV reporter to finding mental peace, my list for 2014 definitely shows growth. Suddenly, weighing a certain number and having a specific GPA is not relevant, at all.


That’s a snapshot of me taken by my best friend at GreenStreet. Breakfast there is so great– highly recommended for food, drinks and atmosphere.

And now as 2014 is underway, I am glad Dani and I took a couple of hours to reflect on our year and not just ask for more, but be grateful for the abundance of blessings we receive and continue to. I hope that 2014 allows us both to contribute as much positivity as possible to those around us. With that, if you have not taken a second yet to reflect on 2013 do so and then remind yourself that there is a whole year waiting just for you. Godspeed 2014.

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