Heartwarming Bostonian Story

As with any good story it always comes from the heart. Producing this piece I poured my all into it and shared the story of Sonia Paz. A woman who lives off of joy and love for others. As a former journalist in Colombia, she was very keen and understanding to the story-making business. I met her thinking my story going one way and then found out my story went a whole other direction. The more reporting I did, the more pressing story was needed to be told- immigrant families come in all different ways, with different skills, different struggles and different stories. Immigrants should not be viewed by the media as being one way. And that at least, was my important lesson. There’s a lot left to be said about Sonia that is not included in my two minute video. What’s important though, is that you capture her spirit. There is something to be said about that. And finally, you consider in 2013, what is the American Dream?

Thank you. And thank you to all who helped me from the pre-production stages to the last minutes of editing. All feedback and assistance was greatly appreciated.


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