Changing of the Seasons

My view of Boston Summer, Fall, Winter

The changing of the seasons is a perfect representation of the passing of time. Time will pass whether it is good, bad, fun or boring. What you highlight from these times is what will stay with you. That sometimes involves a few bad moments sandwiched between the beautiful, amazing ones. And that’s what I always remind myself– no matter how bad or petty a moment. Because there is something really magical with the changing of the seasons. The way the trees finally let go and accept the winter. The way the snow falls and stops the river currents. Just the way the sun shines down and feels against your skin, it’s all a treat. And before you know it as quickly as the snow hit the ground, is as soon as the leaves will blossom. Because finals, sickness, vulnerability, failing, unemployment, and heartbreak will soon blossom to graduation, cancer-free, courage, success, a damn well-deserved job and love. It’s just the changing of the seasons.



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4 responses to “Changing of the Seasons

  1. I love Boston so much. I fell in love with the city when I first was landing from the plane to go to Boston this summer. I automatically felt this closeness and warm of the city. Beautiful people and beautiful place. Boston is my happy place. I have many friends there. I am going to come back in the spring time when weather gets better. great blog.

    • Thank you so much Talin. It is a beautiful city inside and out.

      • I agree. I love the Bahstan Hahbah, Hahvahd Squah, I developed the Accent very quickly on the week I was there. I did not want to go back to Bahstan Logan airport to fly back to Canada. I was crying on the plane coming back home. I developed this closeness. I love Downtown Boston, and Watahtown, and I had the chance to go to Rockport and have some wicked awesome LOBSTAH at the LOBSTAH Roll

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