Journey for Journalism

It’s been three months since my move and I’ve been working for BUTV10‘s show Inside Boston. What I thought would be the easiest thing ever has turned out to be so challenging and yet- addicting. Anyone who knows me, knows my passion for my work is a big part of my life. So, adapting to a new work environment has been exciting and fun, but hard. I have struggled. I have kicked myself with the tri-pod multiple times. Gotten lost late at night in a city with expensive equipment. Figured out useful camera settings directly after interviews. And yet, I keep at it. It’s hard sometimes to see the big picture while working through something. I get it that this knowledge will benefit me so much later. But when your back hurts from hauling equipment, when you’re producing a video that probably only a handful of people will watch, and you’re sacrificing your Friday nights- you stop to wonder what the hell you are thinking. But it’s just that. It’s just that effort that will make you learn.

So here are my current life woes I face reporting in Boston:

  • Transportation– I have managed to get lost on the Green line. Honestly, give me a break. I’m tryingggggg.
  • Familiarity– “Oh, just meet me at the café after State Street and past the old monument!” ….  Umm, I DON’T KNOW WHERE ANYTHING IS!!!
  • Camera Work- Yeah, I wish I would have paid attention more to the camera work involved in setting up my million and one stories back in Miami rather than complaining about it… Sorry every camera man I have ever worked with!!!! I appreciate you!
  • Weather– still trying to figure out how reporters dress in this weather and don’t freeze… ? Or is freezing just normal/accepted?

Other than that, eventually I will figure out transportation and I will always remember to GET OFF THE E-LINE BEFORE COPLEY. And, probably by next year I will be shouting out strange, incoherent meeting directions to friends. As far as camera work, every single shoot I think I learn something new and all my problems are over… well, once you learn how to fix one problem please keep in mind that there will be other problems that arise. And Boston come at me, things are starting to not phase me. Because if I can work with well brand new people, comunicate easily with my Chinese friend, end up in Lechmere waiting on a T with sketchy people, finally make it home by midnight and be up early the next morning for another shoot— I think I’ll be okay. As far as weather goes, that I may just never get used to…


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