Hard Work Does Not Go By Unnoticed

This weekend I had the pleasant surprise of getting 4 text messages and a tweet informing me that: “you won first place!” Little did I know that my former college newspaper advisor had entered me in the FCSSA awards, for Florida community college newspapers. He entered my investigative sports story and I was awarded first place.


Here’s my plaque and my letter award is being mailed 🙂

The story was a challenging one. I remember the day I was assigned it. A year ago exactly- October 2011- my editor-in-chief told me the head softball coach at MDC was dismissed and the Miami Herald ran a tiny brief on it. She called me to have me on the assignment, which I was excited/nervous and a bit skeptical to take, but once I did she wanted me to have it completed in 3 days, when the norm is usually 7 days. At the moment I thought that was insane, but I rose to the challenge. I pushed all things aside and focused on this story, the Melissa my colleagues are familiar with came out and wrote a great story. I was able to get a hold of the coach, contact the athletic director, the deans involved, and the softball team. I stayed up until late Thursday night at our deadline piecing my story together and I remember clearly all I gave for it. Now, isn’t it rewarding a year later to find out that my efforts were so highly awarded. I can’t stress enough the importance of putting your all in what you do, things will find a way to reward you.

Check out the article online at The Reporter:




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2 responses to “Hard Work Does Not Go By Unnoticed

  1. 30denoviembre

    I remember when you were working on this! So diligent. You deserve this and more Melissa.

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