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First Boston Video Report

Check it out, this is the first package I have done here in Boston. I worked with my new colleague Nicole and it was her first ever package! We’ll admit we have some work to do. But, being our first time working together in a new city and pretty much learning a whole new camera, tripod, and equipment we cranked out a great story! So, please don’t mind the poor lighting, and sometimes lack of focus… I wish I paid more attention to Mr. Sell back in the day (hahaa, that’s what I get for relying so much on my boys!!)

Well, enjoy it. Also, Nicole and I edited the piece on Final Cut X– learned that too! And I am just really excited for what’s to come. Inside Boston is one of the shows on Boston University’s TV station- BUTV10- check it out:


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October 17, 2012 · 3:36 pm

Hard Work Does Not Go By Unnoticed

This weekend I had the pleasant surprise of getting 4 text messages and a tweet informing me that: “you won first place!” Little did I know that my former college newspaper advisor had entered me in the FCSSA awards, for Florida community college newspapers. He entered my investigative sports story and I was awarded first place.


Here’s my plaque and my letter award is being mailed 🙂

The story was a challenging one. I remember the day I was assigned it. A year ago exactly- October 2011- my editor-in-chief told me the head softball coach at MDC was dismissed and the Miami Herald ran a tiny brief on it. She called me to have me on the assignment, which I was excited/nervous and a bit skeptical to take, but once I did she wanted me to have it completed in 3 days, when the norm is usually 7 days. At the moment I thought that was insane, but I rose to the challenge. I pushed all things aside and focused on this story, the Melissa my colleagues are familiar with came out and wrote a great story. I was able to get a hold of the coach, contact the athletic director, the deans involved, and the softball team. I stayed up until late Thursday night at our deadline piecing my story together and I remember clearly all I gave for it. Now, isn’t it rewarding a year later to find out that my efforts were so highly awarded. I can’t stress enough the importance of putting your all in what you do, things will find a way to reward you.

Check out the article online at The Reporter:


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OH YES: Univision-ABC Will Set Up New Network In Miami

Minoring in Latin American studies and possibly pursuing a Master’s degree in it, is all starting to make sense. I am very hopeful for the future of Latin America news in the US and for the outlook of my future as a Hispanic journalist. I really want to pursue journalism with a concentration in Latin American news. This is wonderful motivation.

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Gov. Rick Scott and local officials will announce this week that a Univision-ABC joint venture for a new cable network will be based in Miami, likely bringing about 350 jobs to South Florida.

CBS4 News partner The Miami Herald reported Tuesday that Scott will make the announcement Wednesday when he speaks at the Beacon Council annual meeting in Miami.

The group helped secure more than $3 million in local subsidies over five years for the planned English-language cable network.

“If there is a place to have a 24-hour network for Hispanics, it’s Miami,” Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado told the Herald.

The partnership will spend about $275 million on the network and crate a major new studio.

It’s not known where the studio will be built but documents show the network will be constructing a 150,000 square foot headquarters, a facility that would be too large for Univision’s…

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