First Five Days.

Five days here in my new city and it’s non-stop. So much to see and do. And classes finally begin tomorrow. Here are a few pictures of my journey so far.



I live in South Campus. It’s a beautiful, old brownstone and I’m on the second floor. I really enjoy it.


That’s our fire escape but my roommates and I like to say it’s our “balcony” haha.



The Massachusetts turnpike. I got quite the shot when we were crossing over during sunset. My parents and I spent the second day shopping for my new place.


We went to soooo many stores. Yet I decided to already begin what I like to call my “Boston swag”. For a Miami girl I think I’m on my way..


ImageTah-dah! My travel themed room. That’s my centerpiece and inspiration. I hope to have a travel themed home one day.


After lots of work and major decorating I think I brought some life to these beautiful antique cabinets my room came with. Pretty neat. I am still working on filling them up with picture frames and things I find here at Boston.


ImageMeet my transfer friends. Emma from Massachusetts, Stephanie from North Carolina, Gina from Long Island, Hilary from LA, meee, and Kelsey from Rhode Island. We have all transferred in from schools all over the country and are adjusting to BU life.

ImageKelsey and I had a toast to BU at our Transfer Reception held at STuVi. [Btw, it’s lemonade ;)]


Our first night out, we had pancakes and far too many laughs. Good company.

DAY 5 (that’s today!)


“The Girls” decided to spend our Labor day out shopping around town. I insisted we hit the thrift stores. Hilary took us out to Cambridge and led us to a Goodwill. On our way we stopped by a farmer’s market..

ImageAt the market I couldn’t resist to buy flowers… thanks Jackie! The idea was so nice that later at Goodwill I got a small mason jar to accompany my red and white flowers. I also found a cool jar I’m using as a book end now in my glass cabinet.

ImageAren’t they beautiful? They’re keeping my room sweet.

Well, I got to get going now I have my first day of classes tomorrow! I miss my friends a lot. Even my new friends here tell me how lucky I am to have such good friends (they’ve seen the pictures I have up and have heard some stories) I can’t even begin to describe how blessed I am.



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