A Little is A LOT

I am leaving more than half of my closet at home full. My drawers are not even close to appearing empty. My desk is still cluttered with photos. My bookshelf- you guessed it- full of books. And even my shoe rack appears hardly touched. Yet, I have packed away 3 luggages worth of things. What does this lead me to believe? That, I Melissa own a lot of crap and apparently like to hoard every piece of paper insight because it reminds me of that one great time I had in lunch in the 8th grade…. -haa- I mean, I own a lot of things I don’t need. In hindsight one can make do with the space they are given, with the budget allocated, with the amount of material things around them. Now, I’m not shouting around how I am going to live wearing the same sweater everyday because I’m not materialistic.. no, you should see how expertly I packed my bags ;). However, what I am saying is that we can surprise ourselves by how much we appreciate more by the less we have. (I have tried writing an example but I keep deleting it.) In order to reach that conclusion I had to clean out my room and hand pick, one by one, each item that I decided to take with me. Suddenly, the value in each thing that I owned and am transporting with me incremented by a whole lot. Everything I am taking may not be all I have but it’s surely worth a whole lot. 


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