Be yoU

Lately it’s almost as if I have caffeine running through my system 24-7. And I’ve only drank coffee like twice this week… Talk about nerves!
I am super excited to move forward but, I know I am going to need all the support, care and love from my beautiful hometown so please follow my blog- write to me, comment, like! I want to keep in touch and share my experience.
For now I can say this isn’t easy for having lived all my life in Miami it’s a big step forward to get out of my everyday life and know that you’re ready for the next challenge. I hope to come back to Miami with good news, that’s the plan.
So, as I am seeking support I hope to share inspiration. Because if one thing is for sure- if I am moving out and embracing a new challenge, so can you.

Here’s a little inspiration I came across today:




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5 responses to “Be yoU

  1. I love this. You’re going to do just fine. Im bittersweet that you’re moving but it’s a good move for you. Time to live your life!

  2. You are going to do just fine! Thats how it is, you always have to explore outside to what your used to. Who knows maybe over there you have greater opportunities. This is a new chapter to your life. Go chase after your success! Many blessings, Rebekah.

  3. Magie beiro

    Melissa I Wish you the best on your new journey :))

  4. You’ll be fine. Keep us posted!

  5. Keep me updated, you know I will be visiting you!!!!

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