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A Little is A LOT

I am leaving more than half of my closet at home full. My drawers are not even close to appearing empty. My desk is still cluttered with photos. My bookshelf- you guessed it- full of books. And even my shoe rack appears hardly touched. Yet, I have packed away 3 luggages worth of things. What does this lead me to believe? That, I Melissa own a lot of crap and apparently like to hoard every piece of paper insight because it reminds me of that one great time I had in lunch in the 8th grade…. -haa- I mean, I own a lot of things I don’t need. In hindsight one can make do with the space they are given, with the budget allocated, with the amount of material things around them. Now, I’m not shouting around how I am going to live wearing the same sweater everyday because I’m not materialistic.. no, you should see how expertly I packed my bags ;). However, what I am saying is that we can surprise ourselves by how much we appreciate more by the less we have. (I have tried writing an example but I keep deleting it.) In order to reach that conclusion I had to clean out my room and hand pick, one by one, each item that I decided to take with me. Suddenly, the value in each thing that I owned and am transporting with me incremented by a whole lot. Everything I am taking may not be all I have but it’s surely worth a whole lot. 


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Just Be You…

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“I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say. Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward. There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and death.”

Nelson Mandela

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August 26, 2012 · 6:13 pm

My Stab At Heartache

Leaving behind the first part of my life to move on to the next, evokes heartaches of all kinds. I feel as if I am beginning to get nostalgic with just about everything. And it’s more than just over how much I am going to miss my best friends, my parents, my room… But it’s becoming- how will I sleep without my chihuahua Becky at night? What will I do without my mom’s cuban coffee? I really am going to miss the way I carry a whole wardrobe in my trunk, speak Spanglish to the people at my grocery store and all my emotional ties to this city. So, with that it brings me to discuss heartache. It’s painful, sad and aching. It hurts so much sometimes that even though you’re doing a bunch of different things you still manage a sick feeling of emptiness to linger, as if something is still missing. How can you heal a broken heart? Well, just runaway to a new city! Hahaa, I’m just kidding. I’ve come to learn that appreciating what you have suddenly fills those cracks. I’ve been through a very difficult past two years and have experienced some very heartbreaking moments. And if I wanted to run away I would’ve done so awhile back. But I stayed.. and in doing so I have realized the power of faith, the value of courage and the beauty it is to have hope. I have found faith in seeing that my dear friend has overcome many odds to be talking, standing, walking and here with us all again. I have been able to pick-up and leave without looking back knowing I made a courgeous decision for the betterment of myself. And I have first-hand wittnessed love whether it be going on to 30 years of marriage, a recently wed couple or a first boyfriend- and that gives me all the hope I need to overcome any heartache. So, when I am feeling a little down or I do miss home and when I try to think happy thoughts and instead comes heartache I’ll remember to fight it off with a little faith, courgae and hope.

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Proud Terrier


I come home today from work and find this postcard from my new school. The picture my group decided to take is so ugly I love it. I mean look at the guy standing behind the screen.. I told him it would be hysterical if he did that because it was such a GOOD idea… he probably hates me right now. We were all attempting to be creative and not pose traditionally.. after all we are COM students. At least it’s funny. You can sorta spot me, I’m smiling behind the BU sign 😉

The postcard is sweet from my awesome student leader at orientation. It was funny my new friend and I spent the whole time asking him for permission throughout orientation and it turns out we’re older than him (since it was all transfers) LOL… Kellan you rock! See ya soon!

Go Terriers! 2014

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Be yoU

Lately it’s almost as if I have caffeine running through my system 24-7. And I’ve only drank coffee like twice this week… Talk about nerves!
I am super excited to move forward but, I know I am going to need all the support, care and love from my beautiful hometown so please follow my blog- write to me, comment, like! I want to keep in touch and share my experience.
For now I can say this isn’t easy for having lived all my life in Miami it’s a big step forward to get out of my everyday life and know that you’re ready for the next challenge. I hope to come back to Miami with good news, that’s the plan.
So, as I am seeking support I hope to share inspiration. Because if one thing is for sure- if I am moving out and embracing a new challenge, so can you.

Here’s a little inspiration I came across today:



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Meet My New City


This is Boston. My new home for the next 2 years, wish me luck. This journey is going to be quite the change…

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