NYC lights..

New York City– one of the brightest cities in the world, surely makes you see things in a better light…

My revelation in NYC was internally expected but, externally surprising. I most definitely have learned a few things of myself that I believe I always knew however never owned up to. As an extremely influential and successful women once told me:

“It’s easier to choose the popular decision than be the only one making the unpopular decision.”

And more often than not, the unpopular decision is the one that is ought to be made.

With that mindset making your own decisions become easier and it suddenly becomes more about your decision than their decision and if they don’t agree, it doesn’t matter because it’s your decision. Pretty cliche but, as everything.. until you’ve experienced it do you understand it.

After NYC I can proudly state that I march to the beat of my own drum. I really do and most times it’s unpopular what I choose to do but, oh so worth it. Whether right or wrong, for the greater good or my own selfishness. The point is taking liberty in your actions and self to acknowledge that you deserve to do what you should do.

I assure you if you have a smile while you make your decision and just one person around you, I believe you have made the right decision.

How suiting this revelation, I soon enough will be making one of the biggest decisions in my life- moving out! I hope this sense of independence doesn’t wear off because I know this really encompasses who I am.

Thank you New York City, there’s nothing like rushing to hail a cab (in the rain) to return to what makes you smile


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