Culture Abroad

Salzburg, Austria about six hours time difference from my hometown, nearly 5,000 miles away from my city, I am so far away, but I feel so close. Traveling with a large group has made me realize how one can either stay stuck in the culture they are coming from or how one can use this to their advantage and offer your own culture in order to embrace another’s. On this trip I have brought my “travel self” (the best way to get lost in a new city) I am carefree, observant, loving and most of all: happy. By being this way I have strongly picked up on the behavior of the Austrian and Germans I have met along the way and I also have not lost sight of my own group and taken notice of this Miami culture we bring with so much sabor. Through these past five days I have lived vivaciously off of other’s cultures, I have enjoyed their ways, listened to their language and devoured their food. I have begun to notice the driving force of what makes one’s culture- their actions. The act in which things are done, the act in which they are said and presented, the action is what defines a culture. And after spending time with 50 some Miamians, I am positive that we can not hide the Miami in us but what we can surely do is bring the Miami to them, and with an open embrace and exchange in each other’s actions, I finally feel as if I have reached peace here in Salzburg.


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