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Welcome to Miami

Welcome to Miami

Miami is Where I am From

I am from the Sunshine state, where people come to retire and carefree living should be our only priority. I live in Miami, a melting pot of the Latin American communities who have found a safe haven in South Florida. I come from a world of a Hispanic upbringing, over protective Cuban parents who must meet every boy you want to leave your house with. I go to school with  Latinos who believe in this American Dream and best of all have passion to see it through. I come from a place where being bilingual is natural so, we strive to speak various tongues. I live in a city where the women are independent and the women  make decisions. I come from a home where I was taught to respect others in order to be respected. I live a life where we do not morn over those who hurt us, yet use that fuel to only make us stronger. I come from Miami, a city we can spend endless nights immersed in good music and dancing, full of exotic foods and drinks. I live in a city where our education is cultivated by our surroundings. I come from a home where we want more for our children than what we ever had. I live a life where my dreams are attainable and I am full of endless support. I come from a Cuban family, one that fills you with love and the only way to repay them is by loving everything that comes your way. I have flavor, I have strength, I have determination and an open mind.  I am from Miami, where you will be left before you even arrive.


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